Husky’s Cops and Robbers, or CnR for short, is fast-paced action gamemode using the FiveM © GTA V Modification in the San Andreas world.

About CnR

CnR is a gamemode which expands on the Grand Theft Auto idea of commiting crimes and avoiding or fleeing from law enforcement, except this time you’re being chased by real people.

As the name implies, law enforcement and criminals are the main base of the game, however there is a whole world of activities to explore, both legal and illegal.

Credits & Thanks

Management Team

The management team is responsible for the upkeep of the community.

  • Psihusky – Server operation, community management & administration, scripting

Development Team

The development team are responsible for the server maintenance & development of scripts, they make everything you see work.

  • ParaPup – Server operation, main scripting, development & project management, pretty much everything

Special Thanks

We would like to additionally thank these people: