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Bans are given to players who break the community or server rules. The length of the ban is determined solely at the administrator’s discretion, however players who are reasonable and apologetic for their actions may be eligible to appeal.

When you are banned, you must not:

  • Try to re-enter the game, or circumnavigate the ban (even on another account) – this is ban evading.
  • Contact the administrator directly about your ban.
  • Ask about your ban in the Discord or other communication channels.

When you are banned, you may:

  • Be polite, patient, and honest about the situation.
  • Appeal your ban here: (url coming soon).
  • Contact the Owner if you think the admin has dealt with your appeal unfairly, or they have not responded after 3 days.

Breaching the above rules, may result in your ban being extended, or restricted from additional services.

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