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This feature has not yet been implemented.

Chat variables you to quickly get information across. Simply enter the variable below and it will convert it.

$ply – Displays name of closest player

$civ – Displays name of closest civilian

$cop – Displays name of closest cop

$inj – Display name of closest player with less than 90 HP

$sus – Displays name of closest suspect

$dri – Displays name of closest private driver

$me – Displays your name

$med – Displays closest medic

$ldmg – Displays the most recent player to damage you

$lvdmg – Displays the most recent player that damages your vehicle

$lvl – Displays wanted level

$cash – Displays cash in hand

$bank – Displays bank balance

$mfee – Displays medical fees from last death

$spd – Displays speed

$alt – Displays altitude (feet)

$altm – Displays altitude (meters)

$health – Displays health percentage

$armor – Displays armor percentage

$hpsts – Displays health and armor percentage

$gun – Displays active weapon

$cveh – Displays name of closest vehicle

$veh – Displays vehicle name you are inside of

$loc – Displays location

$day – Displays day

$time – Displays time

$bal – Displays total balance

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