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1. Respect admins

Admins are there to ensure the game is fun and fair for everyone. Pay attention to what they say and follow their directions. Respect their decisions.

You cannot impersonate admins.

2. Respect other players

Don’t insult or purposely disturb other players who are carrying about their business.

Remember it’s only a game, don’t make it personal.

3. No random death matching / killing

Cops and Robbers is not a deathmatch server, and you may be removed for excessive kills or randomly attacking others. This includes random hit contracts.

Cops should ticket and arrest suspects, and only use force in self-defense or to stop a fleeing suspect.

4. Cops: No attacking innocent civilians or team killing

Cops cannot attack innocent civilians (white) or other law enforcement (blue).

Cops must protect innocent civilians.

Law enforcement agents cannot steal or commandeer vehicles from innocent civilians.

5. No cheating, modifications or exploiting bugs

Players caught cheating or exploiting bugs will be permanently banned.

No additional modifications are permitted other than graphical enhancement modifications. This is to ensure everyone is having the same experience.

If you find a bug, please report it to an admin or via the Discord.

6. Do not quit to avoid anything

Don’t quit to avoid being attacked, robbed, arrested, admin punishment, etc.

Players who quit to avoid aren’t respected and will be punished by administrators.

7. Cops don’t work with civilians

Law enforcement agents cannot work with civilians.

You may accept bribes at your discretion, but law enforcement should not drive around with criminals, and should not work with civilians.

8. You are responsible for your account

You are responsible for anyone using your account or Internet connection. If someone breaks the rules on your account, you can and will be banned for it. Secure your account.

9. Use common sense & admins decision is final

Be respectful to other players and the community, admins decision is final. Don’t be an idiot.

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